Operating in high, medium, and low-risk environments, our physical security products provide you with static and mobile protection of personnel, resources, materials, and infrastructure – helping you protect what matters most.


GLOBCOM is partnered with ViRDI, the world’s best brand in Face and Biometrics for greater safety and convenience for businesses. Our aim is to provide you with the best products in the market for your business.

ViRDI has set benchmarks for user-friendly security products including Biometric Access Control Systems, Time & Attendance solutions, Fingerprint Scanners, and Modules

We distribute Face & Fingerprint Recognition Terminals, Biometric & Card Terminals, Software, USB Scanners, Portable Devices, Access controllers, OEM Module and a arrange of Accessories

An artificial fingerprint made from silicone, rubber, paper, gel, or film is used to defeat common biometric readers. This prevents any kind of tampering & foul play with the installed peripheral devices. In addition, there is no necessity for a separate Time & Attendance device as the fingerprint recognition device can be used as the basis of an integrated system.

This brilliant solution includes key features such as the control by the door, district, & time feature, remote control of branch and office, compatibility with warning event and alarm, compatibility with Time & Attendance, Meal and Vehicle system, and compatibility with image surveillance and integrated control system

Our Time & Attendance Solution manages access records obtained from the authentication server.

This solution consists of key industry-leading features such as an aggregated Time and Attendance data monitoring system, prevention of manipulating work hours, remote control of Time, and Attendance for employees who work outside of the office. This solution offers two choices; stand-alone, network, and interoperable with ERP.


CMITECH iris recognition, offers the most accurate of all real time biometrics technologies at an affordable rate. CMITECH features include the highest ease of use, superior image quality and fast capture speeds.

The innovative face display for positioning is simple and natural, now improved with CMITech’s proprietary “deep learning” face detection for faster and smoother operation.

The subject merely positions his or her eyes within the centering box from a distance of about 1.0 meters and then moves toward the system until the box and indicators turn green, at a range of 35 to 45 cm in normal mode. If too far away, the indicators will be blue; if too close the indicators will turn red. Vocal commands in multiple languages also guide the subject.

Capture is automatic, with typical capture times of under 1.0 seconds from the time of proper positioning.


The EF-45 also features a capture range of 35 to 45 cm in enrollment and normal modes, providing additional positioning flexibility that contributes to ease of use and simplicity of the user experience.

The system can also be set up for the optional extended capture range in Fast Recognition mode to 30 to 45 cm.

The EF-45 utilizes a nominal 5.0-inch touch screen display for system setup and configuration, and user input and output screens.

It runs on a highly modern Linux-on-ARM SOC internal mainboard so that all processing is embedded. Networking options include standard Ethernet and WiFi.

While applicable to all stationary iris recognition applications, the EF-45’s setup and system interface software is optimized for Physical Access Control and Time & Attendance applications.

CMITech’s proprietary new face algorithm detects users with a wide range of facial coverings including surgical masks, clean room garments, and female facial veils.

Iris recognition for demanding hands-free and contactless applications!


We aim to provide the next generation cloud-based and On-Premise software pre-registration and check-in solutions for Visitors & Events. We have partnered with Splan, a California-based company that delivers intelligent and fully automated next-generation Visitor Management Solutions for small to large enterprises. Integrating with application security and Physical Access Control Systems – Splan provides innovative web and cloud-based solutions.

Unique Advantages to Splan include a holistic, cost-effective, easy to use, enterprise-centric and web-based system. This system is paired with smart Application security features, IT security, and integration with Physical Access Control Systems (PACS).


Creating a Safe and Secure Experience for your Visitors.

Splan’s intuitive visitor management solution will redefine your overall visitor management experience by providing a streamlined process for pre-registration, communication, and check-in regardless of device or environment.

splan_visitor check in system_ems_reports and dashboard_image

Splan streamlines event management with a simple to use and cost-effective model. Event planners can efficiently manage attendees, analyze their event’s registrations/attendance, and much more.

Schools face many challenges in today’s ever-changing education environment. Schools are committed to providing enhanced safety and security for students and staff by managing their check-in/out sheets and by adhering to State Licensing Authority requirements.

Splan provides a Tenants module for property owners to manage visitors for tenant companies. Tenants can manage their own visitors and have complete access & control to configure the system. Property owners can centrally manage all visitors across all buildings at different locations while keeping the data segmented for each facility and tenant.

The Splan vendor management module allows you to manage third-party service providers like housekeeping, janitorial services, and maintenance contractors. Splan allows vendors to login using secure credentials to manage the portal with a designated vendor coordinator. The coordinator can schedule and manage visitors through Splan, making vendor coordination easy.

SPLAN provides next-generation cloud and mobile technology-based visitor management solutions delivering intelligent and fully automated, self-service visitor check-in processes. This provides a smarter way to manage visitors, employees, vendors, students, and events with enhanced security.

The Deliveries module streamlines your package delivery process making it easy for lobby ambassadors and employees to track, receive and pick up delivered packages. Tracking information is shared across devices through the Deliveries module and associated notifications.