Site Survey

GLOBCOM offers a complete portfolio of network implementation and structured cabling services. We survey our client’s ideal telecom site using our extensive tools and superior networking experience to provide an optimal system solution. An assessment is conducted to measure key concerning factors as existing infrastructure, cable routes, installation points, as well as a complete analysis of the communication environment and equipment suitability for the site.

Optimizing your network, as you know, is a proactive process that changes as your business grows and technology evolves. An accurate Site Survey will give you the information you need to make future plans that fit with your overall business strategy.

The main objective of carrying out a Technical Survey is to obtain all the information necessary to determine feasible condition for implementing the solution at the location:

  • Photographic survey
  • Topographic location / floor plans
  • Location of equipment and infrastructure, cable runs
  • Final configuration of the antenna system
  • Digital drawings of the final solution
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