• September 11, 2023
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If you are looking for legal representation in Illinois, you will most likely need to sign a retainer agreement with your attorney. A retainer agreement is a written contract that outlines the terms of your legal representation, such as the scope of work, fees, billing process, and other important details.

To give you an idea of what a typical attorney retainer agreement in Illinois might look like, we have created a sample document that you can use as a reference.

[Insert Sample Retainer Agreement Here]

As you can see, this retainer agreement is tailored specifically to the needs of a client seeking legal representation in Illinois. It includes a detailed description of the scope of work, which in this case covers a range of legal services related to the client`s case.

It also outlines the fees and billing process, which is a critical component of any attorney-client relationship. This section specifies the hourly rate for legal services, as well as any additional expenses that may be incurred by the client during the course of representation.

Another important feature of this retainer agreement is the confidentiality and conflict of interest provisions. These sections ensure that the attorney is bound by ethical obligations to keep client information confidential and to avoid any conflicts of interest that may arise during the representation.

Finally, the retainer agreement includes a termination clause, which outlines the circumstances under which either party may terminate the agreement.

Overall, this sample attorney retainer agreement is a useful reference for anyone seeking legal representation in Illinois. By reviewing and understanding the terms of your retainer agreement, you can ensure that you are fully informed and prepared for your legal case.