GLOBCOM is partnered with one of the world’s most innovative companies to provide portable Data Center solutions designed for your business. Rapidly deploy with move-in ready solutions, or quickly customize. From the single cabinet to multi-megawatt deployment, we’ve got you powered for success.


Micro Data Center

A microdata center solution designed to meet the requirements of edge computing. This solution provides for high integrations, is fully customizable, is plug and play, and has scalable intelligently managed features. It elevates Data Centre convenience through an easy data deployment, operation, and maintenance structure.

MicroData Center Features include:
  • Flexible Expansion & Rapid Upgrade
  • Space Saving
  • Energy-efficient aisle containment
  • Intelligent O&M Unattended operation
  • 42U Rack
  • Monitoring System
  • Power Distribution Box
  • UPS System
  • Air Conditioning System
  • Visual Excellence
Aisle Containment

Aisle Containment Solution

This modular data center solution is equipped with convenient features like safety, reliability, energy efficiency, quick assembly, high-density modularization, and much more. Data center containment is the separation of cold supply airflow from hot air coming out of equipment exhaust.

MicroData Center Features include:
  • Data centers with raised flooring, utilizing underfloor cooling
  • Data centers with non-raised flooring, utilizing row-based cooling
  • Data centers with hybrid/mixed cooling
  • Flexible deployment used to retrofit existing data centers or new construction