Legacy Application Migration Services

An outdated computing system or better known as a legacy system creates numerous issues for businesses. Security threats, mismatch with the latest technology platforms, high operating, support, and maintenance costs, lack of mobile abilities, and high device dependency are examples of common issues faced by legacy systems. A decision to Migrate Applications from an outdated system is a high-risk decision that requires a proficient IT legacy modernization services provider.

GLOBCOM understands the risks taken by this migration. We offer a wide range of IT legacy modernization services. We emphasize keeping the existing workflows intact and strive to transform the outdated system architecture to meet the growing business needs. Our operations not only upgrade the system but facilitates load testing, training of in-house resources, and troubleshoots the issues in real-time making the procedure efficient and secure.

A major focus is improving the total cost of ownership through interim toughening of outdated systems and we deploy new-systems after thorough testing and approval of use-readiness by the existing workforce.

Our Main Services

  • Legacy Software Migration
  • Custom Software Modernization
  • Cloud Migration
  • Legacy Software System Support
  • Legacy Application Support
  • Legacy Software Migration Or Legacy Software Modernization
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